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Started by Codbarley, July 01, 2012, 02:59:09 AM

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I'm not really comfortable with how this played out. I can understand that people have grievances about his adminship and actions as such, but there wasn't enough done before he was stripped of power. Static said it was up to the clan whether or not he was admin, but the only clan vote I saw was on the server late at night.There haven't been any topics about it here either. I've gotten several messages and several in-server discussions about Ninny's actions through the course of all of this and something just smells fishy to me. why wasn't UA informed on the subject? Am I the only one that was uninformed?

And before anyone asks, I haven't talked to kratos yet. I'm posting this on my own accord.

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He sent me a message through Steam last night saying that he didn't have admin anymore, but I'm not really informed as to what even went down or why.
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This is the first i am hearing of this what happened?
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The main problem was it wasn't a clan decision since it was more of a management decision. The main problem is just one group was mainly complaining within the clan, which kinda made it look one sided to some. It wasn't till a few outside sources started to complain to Assassin directly about the problem. I did what I had to a while back and washed my hands of it, because I knew the minute Assassin heard anything else it would be the end of it.

Also to set the record strait Ninny had nothing to do with his admin being removed, so please do not blame her for anything.
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Most of us were talking about this in vent. Which a lot of the active clan tf2 players were on. But dragon is right it was a management thing and I'm no manager. And I wont argue about the events of that night with my superiors out of reaspect.


I just think it was a mistake. People complain about weapons, and then valve nerfs them. then people complain that valve nerfed them. Same thing might happen with kratos. I know I'm more than a little rustled in the jimmies.


But this is something that was going on for a long time, I and Static were more then generous with him when it came to helping him. I got everyone together to work things out on 2 occasions. I never expected him to change overnight, but things just didn't work out.

Assassin gave him a shot, I tried to give Kratos the benefit of the doubt, but just as easy as Assassin can give you a shot he can take it away. I actually got Assassin to calm down since originally the action he was gonna take was much more harsh then just pulling his admin.

There's really nothing to go over at this point, since whats done is done. We can't make everyone happy it's just not possible, but we can avoid bigger problems down the road.
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hmmm...rather than give my opinion possibly make a misinformed judgement, I think I'm going to set back and just watch the goings on.


meh maybe i'll do the same to sama.
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