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Welcome home Assassins.

Started by DragonMasterNYC, August 13, 2011, 08:00:01 PM

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I would like to take the opportunity to welcome all of our members to our new home. Please take a moment to register on our site, read the rules, and introduce yourselves after signing in.

Now I know what your saying to yourselves, there isn't much here, but over the coming weeks we will be adding features to the site to better suite our needs as a gaming community. For now though we have 2 public game servers Garry's Mod UA Clan's Go Fish 2 and Team Fortress 2 UA MarioKart 24-7. As well as a Minecraft RPG server (With Spout), but it will be kept private until after the 1.8 Adventure update and a creative server will be added in to coming weeks for those that just can't survive the onslaught of enemy mobs in the night. For those that haven't bought Minecraft and would like to, I would advise you to buy it now before November comes and the price goes up. Now for those that want something Unreal we do have a clan for Criminals and Enforcers on APB Reloaded Beta (Free to play). We play on the NA East Joker Server mostly at night after 8PM ET, just sign into our Ventrilo and ask me for more info.

Speaking of Ventrilo our server is a 75 slot server open to the public. So if you got a mic come in and chat it up with your fellow Assassins and our Staff. Please no children under 14 because you might just get muted by a staff member.

If you have a Steam account please feel free to join our group at, and add you account to your profile on the forums.

As always have fun and enjoy your time here with us.
UA Administration
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you know..i never thought that this clan was going to be for FUN. i think i just realized that XD but for me its IMPOSSIBLE. and you know why
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Quote from: samhoward2004;5973and you know why

Because your a gigantic faggot who stirs up shit and necros old threads.


Edit: Just realized this was a necro post.


Why is this thread even open?


Quote from: static2601;5981Why is this thread even open?

I locked it.

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