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on: July 25, 2012, 08:03:35 PM
1. No griefing/trolling other players.
2. Listen to Admins and don't argue with them.
3. We have a zero tolerance for cheating/hacking.
4. Don't block the underground air/push tunnels. This is a map exploit as of now.
5. Follow the Melee Room rules! (No guns on Melee Only)
6. Don't harass admins.
7. Don't ask for Admin, we will give it to whom we feel can use it responsibly.
8. Don't spray porn or suggestive porn of any form . (All sprays will be traced and offenders will be dealt with)
9. Don't abuse the !adminalert function. This includes getting and Admin just to chat.
10. Be sure to put the reason you need an admin to help.
 11. Don't impersonate an admin/ pretend to be the admin of the server.
12. Don't spam trade requests in chat. Once is all you need.
13. Don't change your name repeatedly or talk through name changes.
14. Don't put buildings in your teams spawn or teleporters that teleport them into building/ objects so they get stuck.
15. Don't wear the Unknown Assassin's clan tag without being in the clan.

Rules for using your microphone.
1. Don't sing in your mics.
2. Don't scream or shout repeatedly into your mics, you will get muted.
3. If your voice is high pitched and annoying, then you are not allowed to use it.
4. Don't use voice changers unless they sound good.
5. Don't leave your mic open constantly.

~Don't mic spam without asking an admin first or on the official mic spam list. (list below)
~If your approved for micspamming, You must follow these rules:

1. Don't spam your mic with crap no one wants to hear or is very annoying.
2. Don't play over other people that are mic spamming, wait your turn.
3. Don't mic spam for over 5 minutes.
4. Don't play shit that's over played and stupid.
5. Make sure you pay attention to players comments on your spam, if they don't like it you should turn it off.
6. Don't spam porn music. This means the audio from a porno.
7. Try to play stuff that people like to hear, not stuff that annoys
8. Try and keep your spam at an audio level where other people can still talk.
9. If your mic sounds like shit, crackly/staticy, dont use it until its fixed.

~An Admin may temporary mute you for any reason, don't argue it but be mature and learn from it. The more responsible of a mic spammer you are, the more likely you will be allowed to spam and you might even get on the official list of mic spammers. Follow these rules and listen to other player's input.  

If you cannot follow these rules listed, you may get muted, gagged, random admin shit done to you, kicked, banned for a duration or permenantly banned from our servers.
*note that if you are banned, gagged or muted, you can appeal it on our forums and try and reverse it. Please visit to file an appeal.

Official list of allowed micspammers
4.The Boss
6.Lord Ordos

List will change later on. But for now these are the only people allowed without risk of getting muted.

Our server Admins are as followed:

*Cold Assassin
These rules are in the works and will be added to. The server will be notfied of these changes.

~Please Have Fun and Enjoy Our Server!~

--- Update ---

Rules have been updated as of 7-25-12. Admins please let me know what rules you think should be added/ changed. Thanks ~Static
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