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Number of people on the TF2 server

Started by Nuro, May 15, 2013, 10:18:14 PM

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Like most Americans, I'll blame Obama.


I would blame Obama or Myself if I wasn't so god. damn. lazy.
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Cold Assassin

So is the server not lagging as much?


Quote from: Cold Assassin;9540So is the server not lagging as much?

Well, the server was lagging quite a bit and I had to move it from Dallas to Chicago. Its been running pretty good since then. there really aren't many people on anymore, I think once I get the new map update goin, it'll pick back up. For now its running summer 2012, winter 2012 and space3 from last year. Ive done alot of work in the map so far, I just need to complete it and ive been very busy with other things and now, Minecraft.

--- Update ---

Ok, so an update. Ive been doing a lot of work in the last couple weeks, trying to get this map out asap. Ive completed quite a lot and have decided to release the update in parts. Part one, Im hoping for this Saturday or tomorrow. Im about 90 % done with everything and just working out the bugs(there are a lot). After that, all I got to do is optimize, that will take a few hours atleast. So start looking for an update mid to late tomorrow. The other parts will be to continue adding things like tunnels, new models, change of gameplay, bug fixes etc.

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