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Announcements / Forum Update Dec 2020
« on: December 23, 2020, 02:37:45 PM »

As you may notice we have moved away from our old vBulletin forum software to Simple Machines to better facilitate our needs as a community. I will slowly be adding and updating things on the forums as time goes by so please be patient as we go through these updates.

Due to this change you will need to reset your password so please do so ASAP. The all forum emails will come from they be in your spam folder in-case it does not land in your inbox.

If you had an avatar, you will need to upload a new one as I was unable to move them from the old system. Please also take the time to review your profiles and update anything that may be missing.


Announcements / TeamSpeak Server Shutting Down
« on: February 06, 2019, 10:29:27 PM »
The TeamSpeak server will be shutting down at the end of the month, due to our host going out of business. So if your still using it and haven't moved over to Discord this would be the best time make the switch.

Multiplay has hosted some incredible games on our community  servers over the past 20 years and it’s been a blast supporting an  amazing community of gamers. However, after monitoring for several  years, it’s become apparent that the market has changed significantly.  This, combined with the significant investment that would be needed to  improve legacy code, means we’ve made the difficult decision to close  our community server offering. We now pass the baton onto the studios  and will focus all of our attention on ensuring you get the best gaming  experience via official dedicated servers.

See ya there.

Announcements / FTB Infinity v1.80 now live.
« on: April 22, 2017, 08:20:10 PM »

I know it's been a while, but I'm pleased to announce that FTB Infinity Lite 1.80 is now live on the server. Please make sure to update you client to v1.80 and join us at

Happy Mining,

Announcements / Forums updated and FTB Infinity Lite now Live.
« on: November 19, 2016, 12:42:17 PM »

I'm going to keep this short, but Assassin and I have successfully brought back the Minecraft servers this week. With that said the FTB Infinity server has now been reset and is running the most current version of FTB Infinity Lite. If you had access to the last Infinity server you will still be able to join. if you don't have access please feel free to message me on Steam or find me in the Teamspeak Server.

The forums have been updated to the latest version. If you run into any problems please message me as soon as possible.


So it's that time again, I've switched out the servers and we have our original server back up. The map was not changed, and everything is exactly as you left it.

I have had to remove the Chair plugin due to incompatibilities with the update.

MCMMO, Lockette, Essentials & Dynmap was updated to their latest versions.

The server can always be reached with No port needed its default.

Please make sure to update your game to at least 1.10.2 if you haven't done so already.

Later guys,

Announcements / FTB Infinity Evolved is back and now with Skyblock.
« on: April 12, 2016, 07:30:26 PM »
It's been a few months since we've seen the FTB server and now it's back with the same world. Plus we now have a FTB Skyblock server to add to our list.

Both servers are whitelisted so if you want to join please have one of the Admins add you if you aren't already.

FTB Infinity Evolved -
Please enable Chicken Chunks

FTB Infinity Skyblock -

See you ingame

[TABLE=width: 90%]
[TD]I've updated the FTB server to version 2.3.5. There server should be a  little more stable as this update fixes some of the issues surrounding  the server locking up.

Please make sure your version matches before joining.[/TD]

Coming soon to a chunk near you.

[TABLE=width: 90%]
[TD]Soon everyone on the mainland will have RF brought right to their door.   Everyone is welcome to jack into the grid and enjoy clean free RF, but  don't forget to give back or there won't be any left.

 I'll be running transmission lines out to everyone's location, doesn't  matter if you've got a starter shack or a complex. Just drop the  coordinates here or leave a note at my complex and I'll scope out a path  to your place. Now if you're off the mainland, don't worry, all you'll  need is 2 Tesseracts to send and receive RF.

 Now for those that live in or around a town or complex, we'll need to  coordinate where your substation will be built. Don't worry I can fit it  into your theme if needed, as long as it can house everything.

 RF Power stations are welcome and I'll gladly connect them to the  system. As well as RF storage systems, but remember it's always good to  use a capacitor bank at your place in case of a black out.
 More updates will follow as I build out my complex, which at one point  may serve as spawn for the server and a safe zone for players. If not it  will definitely be a hub that players can come and go to almost  anywhere in the world.[/TD]

See you in-game,

Announcements / New TeamSpeak 3 Server
« on: November 15, 2015, 04:09:35 PM »

I got a new TeamSpeak 3 server for us yesterday. The details are below and status banners across the site have been updated to reflect the changes to our voice chat.

You can join by going to

Have a good one guys,

Announcements / November News
« on: November 12, 2015, 05:16:06 AM »
Hey guys, it's been a while since we've announced anything, so it's time to actually update everyone.

No, we are not dead, just busy. I started a new job a month ago, so I've been slightly out of it, but I'm still putting things in the works. Assassin has been working in the background, but he's not gone so don't count him out. If it wasn't for him we would not be here, or even have a place to come to in reality. Static is, as always, working hard on something new for you guys, but he'll make an announcement in the future. Mega and Trinity have been taking care of things, while I've been away for the last few weeks, as well as keeping an eye out for something new.

The Minecraft server looks down, but because we flip between FTB Infitniy and Vanilla RPG server the status banner is unable to show correct status. We will be working towards having both running 24-7 on separate ports to keep our status banners current and not misinform you. We will also be opening them up more for everyone to play on in the future. The vanilla server will have a new set of plugins running it after I've finished testing, which hasn't exactly gone well, but that's why we test things before they go live.

We've also been playing in GTA:V since launch on the PC, and we do have a crew set up on the Rockstar Social Club which you can find here. It is currently set to invite only, so you'll need someone on the crew's list to invite you. Please don't harass the current members for an invite.

TF2 is still being played by some, like Mega, so if you need a TF2 fix hit him up. I'm sure others will pop up again if enough people are playing.

There are many other games that we are in, that I haven't listed here, but I'll try to make a list of games in the future for everyone to check. Also, we're always looking for something new, so suggestions are welcome.

Mumble has mostly been unused and really was only a place holder. Trinity, Mega, a few others and I have been chatting in a server outside of Mumble since it doesn't have everything we need to operate. I've been mulling over the idea of buying a server in NYC as it is the central point between our players. We have people from many places pop in every so often so we need to consider everyone's location. We don't have people just joining from the States and Canada, we never really have since our friends come from many places. I've truly been stuck between Teamspeak and Ventrilo, but after talking with Mega, Trinity, and a few others over the past week, I think Teamspeak is our best bet. I will announce the server url and port after I've decided on a host, as they are not all created equal. We don't need that DDOS mess we had with our last host.

Last, but not least. I've finally updated our forums to the most current version available today. I know there's much to be desired, but like I've said before this all takes time. Assassin and I, when we can, will be adding things here and there, but additions to the forum are not exactly high on the priority list right now. I do plan one day changing our theme, but as of right now I still haven't found a suitable theme for us.

So Assassins, where ever you may be, it's time to truly start anew. We can and will rebuild this place to the best of our abilities. We already have an amazingly strong foundation, which I thank all of you for.

See you soon,

Announcements / Time to start anew.
« on: February 18, 2015, 11:14:28 PM »
First things first, yes I am officially back here at UA, and I hope never to be out that long again. As for the last 2 years, it's a long story and I'll save if for another time.

Secondly, I'm grateful for this management team that not only kept the lights on, they kept in contact with me for these past 2 years. Cold, Mega, Static & Trinity thank you for all the work put in to keep UA going, we wouldn't be where we are without you. You guys kept it together like a family and that's what UA should be, a family of gamers.

It doesn't matter if you're here to just play casually or competitively. We want this to be a playground for all, and if you love it, just apply for the clan and/or invite some friends, the more the merrier.

Lastly, since the beginning of the year, I've been in Teamspeak with everyone coming up with new ideas and of course getting me back into gaming. We have been playing mostly Trove and we do have a club setup there as well as a private club world. You should check it out if you like Voxels and MMOs, not available on Steam. We've also jumped back into Firefall, and have created an army in there for UA. I reset Static's Minecraft server last month and we've been working on a few things in there, completely in survival mode. If you want access to the server please message a manager and we'll get you white listed as soon as we can.

So if anyone would like to join us in any of these games just message us or hop into Teamspeak. Like always we're open to new games that we can play together, so don't be afraid to add something new to the mix.

Now nothing is set in stone, but there will be changes made to the community over the next year. Which includes, but isn't limited to the site, our rules and the network. Don't worry we'll keep you informed whenever a change is made.

Above all I want to rebuild this community, bring it back to what it was, and have fun.

Video Games / Friends For Minecraft
« on: December 09, 2012, 11:03:58 PM »
I forgot to post this the other day, but here is an easy way to find each other when we're online.

Do you have a circle of friends you always play Minecraft with?  Maybe a  very large circle of friends?  Heck, it could just be a few friends -  one thing we all struggle with at times is coordinating a time and place  to play together, finding new and exciting servers, and communicating  with friends out-of-game.  

We've stumbled on an app recently that addresses all three of those problems - and quite a few more - it is Friends For Minecraft, and it is pretty awesome!  FriendsforMinecraft  offers a ton of features for you and your friends, to make coordinating  games, server hunts, and play-times even easier!  With FFM, you can:

  • Find out what Minecraft servers your friends are playing on
  • [/B]
  • Share Minecraft screenshots with your friends
  • [/B]
  • Find out the best Minecraft servers to play on
  • [/B]
  • Send messages to Minecraft friends no matter what server they are playing on, even if they're offline
  • [/B]
  • See when your friends are online
  • [/B]
  • Vote on the best servers, worlds and images
Even better, it isn't limited to just one app - You can use the Friends4MC iOS app stand-alone to create your own FriendsForMinecraft  account, and add your Minecraft friends; see when they are online, see  what servers they are on, and even vote and comment on the best  Minecraft images.

The FriendsForMinecraft web client lets users view all images being posted within the FriendsForMinecraft server, in real-time. Users can comment, 'Like' and share these photos within their other social networks!

If using your iPhone or a web-based client doesn't tickle your fancy,  the client is also available for PC and MAC, as a stand-alone  application.

 Keeping track of friends and servers is so easy, even a zombie could do it!
What could make this app seem even more awesome than it already is?  How about the price?  FrindsForMinecraft is FREE. The only way this app could be better is if it did your homework for you too!  So, what are you waiting for?  Check out FriendsForMinecraft, and discover a world of friend and game management you never thought possible!

Video Games / Fireworks and Enchanted books in Minecraft. 1.4.6
« on: December 07, 2012, 05:26:15 PM »
Even though they said there wouldn't be a snapshot this week a new one has been released. Now you have the chance to make fireworks without any mods. You can check out the effects by going here: For now there's no sound for the fireworks but they look good. You can not only change the effects you can have multiple colors and change the timing on the rocket before it goes off in the air. Since this is apart of the Redstone update I'm wondering if we will get launchers blocks we can hook up to Redstone circuits and make shows out of them.  

No that's not the only thing in the snapshot but we also have Enchanted books so you can easily enchant your items with an anvil. Now they can be found rarely in dungeons sometimes even unobtainable enchantments, but you can always make them by throwing them on an enchantment table.

On a final note Nether Brick slabs have been added in for people to use, I just wish they would add a way to make Nether brick.

You can get this weeks snapshot here:

Announcements / The Humble THQ bundle is out.
« on: November 29, 2012, 08:52:46 PM »
For the next 13 days you can get:

Metro 2033
Red Faction: Armagedon
Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor

For a $1 payment

If you pay over $5.66 (Average when it was posted) you can get Saints Row the Third


Get it at

UA Staff

Announcements / Minecraft Server has been updated to 1.4.5.
« on: November 28, 2012, 02:11:55 AM »
After weeks of testing and plugin changes I have finally updated the server to the latest version of Minecraft. Now there are a few things that people need to be mindful of now. All drops have been set back to default Minecraft drops, so yes you will need that pickaxe with silk touch to get back your glass. With that said, please don't break the blazed spawners in the nether other people need to get blazed rods. The Nether and The End have been regenerated so by all means go kill that Dragon and bring us back the egg. Nether portals no longer work in the normally so if you want to make a portal that links to the Nether ask me or MegaSuperGeneral to link you there. Warps have been disabled for players, so please use the Minecarts to get around, and don't depend on /home or /spawn all the time. Now I have reduced the number of plugins so the server should run more smoothly for everyone in a few days, I'm rerendering the maps from scratch. Your RPG stats have not been affected and the plugin still works, you just won't get any xp for all the new 1.4 items. Like always you will notice your doors are messed up so just fix them.

Now I haven't added a new world since it would be usless right now, we already have 3 main worlds to take care of. If you want newer areas you can go walk around Ninny or Assassins world.

Happy Mining,
UA Staff

Announcements / Minecraft 1.4.2 release.
« on: November 07, 2012, 03:50:21 PM »
   Minecraft 1.4.2 is now live but  don't update your client just yet, when the server is updated an  announcement will be posted with any new information regarding commands  and server changes.

Just rememeber to bakup your old minecraft.jar so you can access the servers.

Full change log for 1.4.2 (Minecraft Wiki)
  • Improved server list
    • Server IPs can now be hidden individually when editing or adding a server
    • Server version is now displayed left of the connection bars
    • Server ping tooltip now shows if the server and client have mismatching protocol versions
    • Mismatching servers can't be joined

  • Improved settings menu
    • Renamed Chat Settings to Multiplayer Settings
    • Added an option for cape-owners to hide their capes in-game
    • Added Fullscreen and VSync toggles
    • Though this is not in the settings menu, you may go into the options.txt in %appdata% and toggle advancedToolTips. This shows you the item IDs of everything and the durability of tools and armor.

  • Improved F3 mode
    • The piechart is now shown when using shift+F3 instead of vice versa
    • Added the cardinal direction and the degree value to the f value indicating the direction the player is facing
    • Now shows which chunk and where in that chunk the player is in on X and Z values
    • Pressing  P while holding  F3 will toggle the auto-pause when the Minecraft window loses focus
    • Pressing  H while holding  F3 will toggle detailed item descriptions, which additionally show item id, damage value, color code, tool/armor/weapon damage and map zoom level and scale on the tooltip

  • Updated language files
  • Improved Multiplayer
    • Spawn protection now is disabled if there's nothing in ops.txt
    • Spawn protection radius can now be changed in the file
  • Improved Creative inventory
    • Items can now be cloned by using Pick Block on them - An item stack with the highest amount of items possible in it will be created
    • Items can now be shift-clicked around on the survival inventory screen

  • Improved General inventory
    • Pressing the 1-9 hotkeys while hovering over an item will exchange that item with the one from the corresponding hotbar slot
    • Status effects now cause the inventory window to be off-center regardless of screen aspect ratio

  • Added & improved a few commands
    • Added /difficulty command to change difficulty[1]
      • /difficulty 0 = peaceful
      • /difficulty 1 = easy
      • /difficulty 2 = normal
      • /difficulty 3 = hard

    • Toggling PvP[2]
    • Added /spawnpoint to change your own or other players' spawnpoint to where you are standing or to specified coordinates
      • /spawnpoint

    • Added /w, an alias for /tell
    • Added /weather to change the current weather and optionally set the duration for the new weather
      • /weather [clear | rain | thunder]

    • Added /gamerule to look up and change gamerules regarding Command Block output
      • /gamerule doFireTick - Whether fire should spread
      • /gamerule doMobLoot - Whether mobs should drop items
      • /gamerule doMobSpawning - Whether mobs should naturally spawn
      • /gamerule doTileDrops - Whether blocks should have drops (does not work for paintings)
      • /gamerule keepInventory - Whether the player should keep items in their inventory if they die.
      • /gamerule mobGriefing - Whether creepers, endermen and withers should be able to change blocks.
    • Added /clear to clear a specified player's entire inventory or remove only one block/item from it
    • Changed /xp so it can be used to give and take entire experience levels by appending "L" to the number
    • Changed /tp to work with relative coordinates

  • Added command target selectors[3][4][5]
    • Available selectors:
      • @p - Closest player
      • @a - All players
      • @r - Random player

    • Can have arguments specified in [] using the syntax x=0, where x is the argument
    • Available arguments:
      • x,y,z - Coordinates
      • r - Range
      • m - Gamemode
      • l - Minumum experience level
      • lm - Maximum experience level
      • rm - Minimum range

    • Special argument only usable with @a:
      • c - the maximum count of players to return. Numbers below 0 will make it return the last x amount of entries

  • Updated the sound engine

  • Improved Portals
    • Mobs, items and projectiles now pass through them, preserving momentum[6][7][8]
    • Entities will pass through instantly, but at a longer "cooldown"[9]
    • Portals will allow fire burning entities like blazes to leave the Nether and potentially burn things[10]
    • Portals will teleport an entity relative to where it entered[11][12]
    • Players are now positioned correctly when going through Nether Portals
    • Nether Portals are now instant for players in Creative mode

  • Improved Adventure mode
    • Blocks can now be mined with the proper tools
    • Blocks can now be placed

  • Improved Breeding
    • Chickens now use seeds instead of wheat to breed[13]
    • Pigs now use carrots instead of wheat to breed
  • You can now restore a desolate village or create a completely new village[14]
  • Added & changed many minor things
    • Added Boss Names above boss health bars
    • Experience is now awarded for fishing and breeding
    • Worlds can now be re-created from the world selection screen
    • Changed many items, improving item icon style to be more consistent
    • Items spawned using /give are picked up almost instantly now
    • Doors, trapdoors, levers and buttons are no longer triggerable with the left mouse button[15]
    • Added an NBT tag for items to have lores
    • Added an NBT tag for mobs to decide whether they can despawn

  • Fixed many bugs
    • Fixed /me command only working for ops
    • Fixed /tell not working correctly
    • Partially cured lighting glitches
    • Fixed held items being colored when wearing tinted blocks/armor
    • Fixed the second layer on skins not being placed correctly when sneaking
    • Blazes now properly spawn in Nether Fortresses
    • Fixed pets teleporting around randomly
    • Fixed PvP-disabled servers still allowing players to set other players on fire using Fire Aspect enchanted swords
    • Fixed entities in minecarts becoming invisible
    • Fixed mobs randomly suffocating
    • Fixed stairs, slabs & fences glitching visually sometimes
    • Fixed mobs falling through blocks
    • Fixed wet wolves looking way too scary

World Generation
  • Customizable World generation[16]
  • Made superflat worlds customizable[17][18]
    • Are now made up of layers specified with block id, data value and height
    • Biome can now be changed
    • All generation settings are stored in a preset, which can be shared and re-used
    • Terrain can now be decorated and structures other than villages can spawn
    • Default presets:
      • Classic Flat - 2;7,2x3,2;1;village
      • Tunnelers' Dream - 2;7,230x1,5x3,2;3;stronghold,biome_1,decoration,dungeon,mineshaft
      • Water World - 2;7,5x1,5x3,5x12,90x9;1;biome_1,village
      • Overworld -2;7,59x1,3x3,2;1;stronghold,biome_1,village,decoration,dungeon,lake,mineshaft,lava_lake
      • Snowy Kingdom - 2;7,59x1,3x3,2,78;12;biome_1,village
      • Bottomless Pit - 2;2x4,3x3,2;1;biome_1,village
      • Desert - 2;7,230x1,5x3,2;3;stronghold,biome_1,decoration,dungeon,mineshaft
      • Redstone Ready -

    • Preset format with example: 95;35:2;2x20;1;stronghold – 95 is the format version, followed by a semicolon and the layer information. Every new layer is separated by a comma and must consist of the block id (35) and can additionally have :2 appended to specify 2 as the data value. Before that, you can put 2x to specify that this layer should be put 2 times. After a semicolon follows the biome id. After another semicolon follow all structures to be generated, including their options.

  • Added Witch Huts in swamps[19]
  • Silverfish blocks now rarely generate in Extreme Hills biomes
    • On average, nearly one Silverfish block is generated per Extreme Hills chunk
  • Carrots and potatoes can now be found growing in villages [20]
Blocks & Items
  • Command blocks
    • Runs editable commands when triggered by redstone
    • Intended for adventure maps
    • Can only be edited by OPs, as long as enable-command-block in is enabled
    • Only obtainable using /give playername 137[21][22]
    • Can operate in silent mode where it doesn't display commands in the chat box. [23]
  • Beacons
    • Intended as an endgame block
    • Continuously glows and gives a selected status effect to players within 16 blocks while beaming a beacon of light directly upwards (as bright as glowstone)
    • Activated by building a solid pyramid of iron/gold/emerald/diamond blocks underneath and selecting an effect
      • The cheapest configuration requires 9 blocks, while the best configuration requires 164 blocks

    • Has to be directly exposed to skylight to work
    • Building square platforms of increasing size and the same material per layer will activate it and increase range and status effect selection
    • Viable materials are iron, gold, diamond and emerald blocks
    • Changing selected status effects costs 1 emerald, diamond, gold ingot or iron ingot
    • Unlockable effects, with increasing amount of required layers of blocks required:
      • Speed and Haste
      • Resistance and Jump Boost
      • Strength
    • When all 4 layers of blocks underneath are built correctly, a second status effect can be chosen
      • This second status effect is Regeneration or tier II of the previously chosen effect
    • Effects given by the Beacon will have less intrusive particles than others on the screen, such as those of potions

  • Anvils[24]
    • Used for repairing and combining enchanted items as well as for renaming any item/block for experience levels
    • Tools can also be repaired using one piece of their material
    • Enchantments that are the same are upgraded by one level as long as they are both the same level and the higher level exists
    • Conflicting enchantments will be removed and only the first one will be kept
    • Becomes damaged from using and dropping it - Damage persists in inventory and splits up into 3 categories: Anvil, Slightly Damaged Anvil & Very Damaged Anvil
    • Can be placed in 4 orientations, but can't be moved by pistons
    • Experience level cost depends on enchantment levels & rarities, whether the item will be renamed and whether the item has been used with an anvil before - Maximum experience level cost is 39 levels, unless in Creative mode[25]
      • For a more detailed explanation on how enchantments are combined using the anvil, see the Anvil mechanics page
    • Is affected by gravity and does 1 heart of damage to mobs and players it falls on per block it fell, excluding the first one - Players killed by a falling anvil cause the death message "Player was squashed by a falling anvil" to appear in chat
    • Certain blocks are destroyed when an anvil falls on them: levers, buttons, torches, redstone torches, redstone repeaters, flower pots, rails & mob heads
  • Mob Spawners
    • Added a few NBT tags to change a few key spawning rules
    • Range can now be changed
    • Maximum amount of spawned entities within spawning range can now be changed
    • Horizontal spawning radius can now be changed
    • Spawned mobs can wear and carry any items and blocks as well as have a custom drop rate of held items
    • Added an NBT tag for mobs to decide whether they can despawn
    • Added an NBT tag for mobs to decide whether they are invincible

  • Repeaters
    • Can now be locked by powering their sides with another repeater
    • When locked, they show a little bedrock barrier in place of the delay indicator torch and won't change their output signal

  • Flower Pots [26]

  • Cobblestone Walls [28]
    • Available in cobblestone and moss stone variants
    • Behave like fences - Connect to each other, to other blocks and to fence gates & have a 1.5 blocks high collision box
    • Have a different, higher shape in corners and when blocks are placed on them

  • Wooden logs
    • Changed placement: Instead of facing the player, it will face the surface it is placed on
    • Place it on the side of a block to get a sideways log.
    • Place it on the top or bottom of a block to get a topside log.

  • Stairs
    • Now connect to other stairs to form corner stairs [29]
  • Item Frames [30]
    • All items and blocks can be framed [31]
    • Clocks, compasses and maps function - Maps show only one marker, the frame itself [32][33][34]
    • Mounted maps show markers on copies of that map
    • Using pick block on it gives the framed item/block, but only works in Creative

  • Paintings
    • Added Wither painting

  • Mob Heads [35]
    • Are very rarely dropped when mobs are killed by players
    • Only drop from Wither Skeletons, but also exist for creepers, zombies, skeletons and players
    • Can be put on the ground in 16 orientations and hung on walls
    • Can be worn
    • Using external editors or mods player skulls can be assigned to specific players - They then have tooltip "Player's Head"
      • Add the NBT tag "SkullOwner" -> (player name) on the skull items.

  • Trapdoors
    • Can now be placed on the top half of blocks [36]
    • Placement works similar to that of slabs and stairs

  • Buttons
    • Now stays active for 0.2 seconds longer
    • New crafting recipe – Only 1 stone block required
  • Wooden Buttons
  • Fire
    • Now spreads more aggressively depending on difficulty[37]
  • Saplings
    • Decreased hitbox size

  • TNT
    • Is now triggered by flaming arrows

  • Potatoes
    • Can be planted on hydrated soil and drop 1-4 potatoes when fully grown
    • Can be grown instantly using bonemeal
    • Can be Smelted to receive a baked potato
    • Rarely drop poisoned potatoes
    • Potatoes give 0.5 hunger points, poisoned potatoes give 1 hunger point and have a chance to poison you, baked potatoes give 3 hunger points

  • Carrots
    • Can be planted on hydrated soil and drop 2-4 carrots when fully grown
    • Can be grown instantly using bonemeal
    • Can be crafted surrounded with 8 gold nuggets to get a golden carrot
    • Carrots give 2 hunger points, golden carrots give 3 hunger points

  • Carrot on a Stick
    • Used to control pigs
    • When held, it dictates the direction pigs players are riding will head in
    • Nearby pigs flock towards players holding it
    • Slowly loses durability when riding pigs
    • Pigs start slow but end up going about 5 blocks per second[38]
    • Can be right-clicked to give the pig a short speed boost - This takes up a chunk of the durability
    • The pigs ‘eat’ the carrot eventually, leaving the player a fishing rod and will require another carrot to continue riding. [39][40]
    • To craft, the carrot must be placed at a diagonal below the fishing rod[41]
  • Pumpkin Pie [42]
    • Restores 4 hunger points
    • The crafting recipe is shapeless: assemble a Pumpkin, Egg and Sugar into the crafting inventory
  • Nether Star
    • Drops from Withers
    • Used to craft the Beacon
    • Glows like an enchanted item

  • Night Vision Potion
    • Brewed by adding a Golden Carrot to an Awkward Potion

  • Invisibility Potion [43]
    • Effect now hides the nametag and cape[44]
    • Mobs only attack you when you walk into them or attack them
    • Splash potions of invisibility can also make mobs partially invisible, although eyes of some mobs still show
    • Brewed by adding a Fermented Spider Eye to a Potion of Night Vision
  • Potions
    • Can now have any available potion effects, level and duration
    • Data are saved using NBT tags, but potions retain their original color

  • Maps
    • Are now crafted as an Empty Map and will become a real map by right-clicking
    • Start out at their closest zoom level and can be extended by adding more paper [45]
    • Players see other players moving around on the same map
    • Craft an existing map with an empty map to receive an extra copy of the map [46]
    • Removed text overlay
    • Are labelled 'Map #0' and so on
    • Now align to a grid and can be stacked to 64
    • When outside a map's range, the player is displayed as a small circle at the edge

  • Armor
    • Diamond Armor sleeves now have a notch on the inner side
    • Completely revamped leather armor

  • Leather Armor
    • Can now be dyed in 16,777,216 potential different colors [47] [48]
    • Putting it in a crafting grid with dyes applies all colors
    • Dyed armor's tooltip will display ‘’Dyed’’
    • Right-click dyed armor on cauldrons to wash it and remove some water from the cauldron [49]
    • Changed item and model color and texture
    • Now uses two overlayed textures, one being the color

  • Wither
    • Three-headed flying player-created boss mob shooting projectiles at mobs that are not undead and players
    • Place 4 pieces of Soulsand in a T-shape and place 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls on top to summon it
    • After spawning, it flashes blue, builds up health, grows slightly and is invincible for a few seconds - Then it explodes and starts attacking players and mobs
    • Each head can fire projectiles, so called Wither Skulls, at different targets - Projectiles explode on impact
    • Shoots two kinds of projectile - a blue one from the little heads, targeting mobs and a dark one from the big head targeting players
    • When hit by projectiles, players get the ‘’Wither II’’ effect, which acts like a slower poison effect that can kill and turns affected players' health bars' hearts black
    • Constantly regenerates health
    • Gains Wither armor when taken down to half health, making it immune to arrows
    • Drops a Nether Star when killed
    • Darkens the sky when spawned in the Overworld

  • Wither Skeletons
    • Carry and rarely drop Stone swords when killed by players
    • Drop bones, coal, and rarely wither skulls
    • Give players Wither effect when hitting them
    • Spawn in Nether Fortresses
    • Will now rarely, depending on difficulty, spawn with the ability to pick up armor, head wear, items, blocks, weapons and tools [50] - Armor and tools & swords are equipped automatically and will be exchanged for better gear when possible [51][52][53][54][55][56][57][58][59] - Items that are picked up will have a 100% chance of dropping after dying[60] - When killed, they drop what they are holding [61] [62]
    • All equipped gear is functional - Swords and tools do more damage on attacks, armor protects the mob
    • Rare tool drops now are damaged when it drops
    • More advanced gear is more likely to spawn with mobs when playing on harder difficulties and rarely drops when the mob is killed by players

  • Witch
    • Looks like an offshoot villager
    • Throws splash potions of poison, slowness, weakness and instant damage at players
    • Holds a potion and wiggles its magical nose with a wart on it when attacking
    • Has a hat, which sometimes emits particles
    • Regenerates health over time
    • Drinks potions of instant health and fire resistance to defend themselves in combat
    • Is immune to 80% of splash potions' effects
    • Drops Sticks, Glowstone, Redstone, Gunpowder, Sugar, Spider Eyes, Empty Bottles & Water Bottles when killed
    • Has a chance to drop the potion it is holding if killed by players
    • Spawn in Witch Huts in swamps
  • Bats[63]
    • Hang on the ceiling when idle, starts flying when players come near
    • Spawn in dark caves
    • Sleep at day
    • Don't trigger pressure plates or tripwire
  • Tamed wolves
    • Their collars can now be dyed by right-clicking the wolf with dye [64]
  • Iron Golems
  • All hostile mobs
    • Will now jump down to players as long as they can survive the fall
    • Depending on difficulty, they are willing to take more damage

  • Creepers
    • Will start exploding when they hit the ground, with explosions being more imminent with higher falls
    • Can now have custom explosion radius and fuse timer using edited mob spawners and NBT tags

  • Zombies
    • Will now rarely spawn with armor of all kinds, sometimes enchanted
    • Will now rarely, depending on difficulty, spawn with the ability to pick up armor, head wear, items, blocks, weapons and tools [50] - Armor and tools & swords are equipped automatically and will be exchanged for better gear when possible [65][66][67][68][69][70][71][72][73] - Items that are picked up will have a 100% chance of dropping after dying[74] - When killed, they drop what they are holding [75] [76]
    • All equipped gear is functional - Swords and tools do more damage on attacks, armor protects the mob
    • Rare tool drops now are damaged when it drops
    • More advanced gear is more likely to spawn with mobs when playing on harder difficulties and rarely drops when the mob is killed by players
    • When wearing helmets, they will not burn up - Instead all damage will is applied to the helmet [77]
    • Using modified mob spawners they can have a custom drop rate of items and hold and wear all kinds of items and blocks
    • Now have a chance, depending on difficulty, to infect villagers after killing them - The villager then gets replaced with a villager zombie on death [78] [79]
      • On Normal difficulty, there is a 50% chance of infection and on Hard difficulty there is a 100% chance of infection[80]
    • Infected baby villagers turn into baby villager zombies [81][82]
    • Baby zombies are 50% faster, don't age, don't burn up in the sun and can wear armor[83][84][85][86][87]
    • Right-clicking a villager zombie under the influence of a Weakness potion with a golden apple will invert their potion effect, make them wiggle slightly and eventually turn back into a villager [88]
    • Now rarely spawn holding iron swords or iron shovels
    • When holding something in their hands, their arms move upwards when attacking
    • Added baby zombie, which is only spawnable using mods or third-party tools
    • Will now rarely drop carrots and potatoes when killed by players

  • Skeletons
    • Will now rarely spawn with armor of all kinds, sometimes enchanted
    • Will now rarely, depending on difficulty, spawn with the ability to pick up armor, head wear, items, blocks, weapons and tools [50] - Armor and tools & swords are equipped automatically and will be exchanged for better gear when possible [89][90][91][92][93][94][95][96][97] - Items that are picked up will have a 100% chance of dropping after dying[98] - When killed, they drop what they are holding [99] [100]
    • All equipped gear is functional - Swords and tools do more damage on attacks, armor protects the mob
    • Rare tool drops now are damaged when it drops
    • More advanced gear is more likely to spawn with mobs when playing on harder difficulties and rarely drops when the mob is killed by players
    • When wearing helmets, they will not burn up - Instead all damage is applied to the helmet [77]
    • Using modified mob spawners they can have a custom drop rate of items and hold and wear all kinds of items and blocks
    • Now sometimes, carry enchanted bows - Those items can be dropped when killed by players

  • Zombie Pigmen
    • Will now rarely, depending on difficulty, spawn with the ability to pick up armor, head wear, items, blocks, weapons and tools [50] - Armor and tools & swords are equipped automatically and will be exchanged for better gear when possible [101][102][103][104][105][106][107][108][109] - Items that are picked up will have a 100% chance of dropping after dying[110] - When killed, they drop what they are holding [111] [112]
    • All equipped gear is functional - Swords and tools do more damage on attacks, armor protects the mob
    • Rare tool drops now are damaged when it drops
    • More advanced gear is more likely to spawn with mobs when playing on harder difficulties and rarely drops when the mob is killed by players
    • Using modified mob spawners they can have a custom drop rate of items and hold and wear all kinds of items and blocks
    • Now rarely carry enchanted golden swords
    • Dropped Golden Swords now sometimes are damaged
    • Added baby Zombie Pigman, which is only spawnable using mods or third-party tools

  • Villagers
    • Improved villagers to make them more self-aware[113]
    • All villagers of one village can now like and dislike specific players [114]
    • Will like players more for trading with them [115]
    • Will like players less for hurting them or their golems
    • When players are really disliked, iron golems of that village can become aggressive towards those players
    • After a villager dies to natural causes, excluding mobs, while a player is within 16 blocks or if a mob kills a villager, no baby villagers will be produced in the next few minutes
    • Changed and added some trades to counteract emerald farming and improve gameplay
    • Will show particle effects indicating a change of liking towards a player

  • Pigs
    • Can now accelerate to up to 5 m/s
    • Now drop their saddle when killed
  • Slimes
    • Now spawn in swamps at night

  • Sheep
    • Sheep from spawn eggs can now spawn natural colored sheep (white, gray, brown, pink, etc.)

Happy mining

UA Staff

--- Update ---

After a long wait I have finally updated our texture pack to 1.4.2.


Video Games / SA-MP Convoy Trucking Club
« on: September 25, 2012, 09:57:27 PM »
Trinity, Lil Tankk, and I play in a server called Convoy Trucking in SA-MP. SA-MP is a multiplayer mod for GTA:San Andreas v1.0 (mod will not work with other versions) you can download the mod at

Now I do know a few others have gone in there with us, but not everyone that has the game has played with us. If you would like to play with us just go to their site to get the ip and more info on the server.

Now the reason for this thread is to come us with a club name since we can make clubs in the server.

So far I've only come up with:

UA Trucking
Unknown Truckers
Unknown Assassins Trucking

So what I would like to know is from players that have been in the server what their ideas are. If you have an Idea please leave a link to your accounts profile page with your club name idea.

Once we can get a name and their are enough people in that server I will make an official area in the forums for the server.

on a side no if you do have GTA:SA and need to downgrade go to

Announcements / UA Management and Minecraft Server News.
« on: September 08, 2012, 08:47:16 PM »
As of today ColdAssassin has stepped down as manager, after a long run since he will not have the time to manage everything with a new job on the way. Now this doesn't mean he will be gone he will still be administrating the servers and working on small projects when he does has time.

Now for months we have been looking at others to add to the Management position, but only one has fit the bill so far. Now it's not easy to find new managers since we look for people who are willing to help others, always willing to learn new things, as well as being around on a daily basis. So without further ado I would like to announce that MegaSuperGeneral will be taking Assassin seat as Manager of UA.

As for Minecraft news ColdAssassin and Hannah (playados149) have made a world that will be added to the main Minecraft server tonight. Now it will still be a survival world, but it was generated in Minecraft 1.3 so it will be easier to find more 1.3 generations then you would in the main world and Ninnys. So the server will be going down just after midnight eastern time tonight to add the new world and generate the map for the world that they have given us.  

As always happy gaming,
UA Staff

After a week of testing I can finally say the RPG server has been updated to the latest server so everyone can update their clients to the newest version.

With that said there are a few new things on the server.

Players can have multiple homes 5 max. To set more homes all you need to do is /sethome [name]. After you have added multiple homes you can see the list when you do /home, this also means when you want to go home you will need to type in which one you want to go to. Also the last bed you have been in will take up a slot and will be your default spawn after death.

The portal to Ninnys world no longer works, but you can still get their via a warp sign in the portal shack near spawn. Just right click the sign and you will be sent to Ninnys world free of charge.

Jungle Trees now drop the correct sapling so the tree farm will be filled with jungle trees on the lower level.

Trees no longer have gravity enabled, so if you have a tall tree don't leave the rest of the tree floating in mid air cut it down. Now if you use the Tree Feller ability it will knock down the whole thing.

Cocoa farm will be added to the farm in Central City on the lowest level.

Chat colors are as follows:
White for new players.
Gold for players with build rights.
Orange for administrators.

You will notice that the MOTD has changed. It shows the amount of cash you have, any mail you might have, and also the time in the current world your in.

I would advise everyone to check out /rules and /info when you have time. More info will be added to the lists when it becomes available.

You can also request to teleport to other players just type in /tpa and the name of the player you want to go to. They will accept or deny your request.

The economy system will not be in use just yet, but once I make a proper price list you will be able to buy and sell items and blocks. This doesn't mean you can't trade with villagers since it will not interfere with them.

You will also be able to chat once again with the people who are viewing the map on the website.

The build server has been shutdown indefinitely, but it may show up again on the RPG server as part of another update which may also include a pvp world in the future. As promised though I have uploaded the world files from the build server just over 303MB download. Build.7z (You will need 7zip or WinRar to open it.)

I am still trying to update the Texture pack to 1.3, but the site I use to customize it seems to be having a problem putting the pack together. As soon as they fix the problem on their end I will update the DokuCraft pack we use for the server.

Happy Mining,
UA Staff

Announcements / Minecraft 1.3.1 release.
« on: August 01, 2012, 01:25:45 PM »
Minecraft 1.3.1 is now live but don't update your client just yet, when the servers are updated an announcement will be posted with any new information regarding commands and server changes. I've been testing a new plugin to replace our current command system in case the developer doesn't update the plugin. (I think we lost the guy to Diablo 3, sometimes you just can't get enough.)

Just rememeber to bakup your old minecraft.jar so you can access the servers.

Also if you haven't played Minecraft before try out the demo, you just might like it.

Full change log for 1.3.1 (Minecraft Wiki)
  • Updated the launcher
    • Includes demo mode
    • No visual changes
  • Improved overall stability and performance
    • Reduced CPU, RAM & bandwidth usage
    • Accelerated chunk loading
    • Decreased lag spike frequency
    • Made the Nether less laggy
    • Decreased unnecessary world updates
    • Made the chat work smoothly even when the server is laggy
    • Decreased packets sent between client and server
  • Made Singleplayer internally use a Multiplayer server
    • Decreased world saving intervals
  • Added optional single-player commands called "Cheats" on non-hardcore worlds
    • Type / and then hit tab to autocomplete & get help on various commands
    • Most commands from MP are available
  • Added option to let LAN friends join SP games
    • You can choose which gamemode players join in and whether they are allowed to use cheats
  • Added demo mode for non-premium users
    • Lasts 5 game days per world
    • Singleplayer only
  • Added Chat Settings
    • Change which parts of chat are shown and how opaque it is
    • Toggle chat colors, links being clickable and warning prompts for links
    • Option to rebind the command key, which opens the chat with / in the textfield
  • Added Snooper Settings
    • Allows users to toggle anonymous data being sent to Mojang
    • Shows which data will be sent
  • Added video options
    • Have to be toggled manually in options.txt for now
    • VSync
    • Fullscreen mode
  • Mobs can now spawn on top slabs and upside down stairs
  • Improved F3 mode:
    • Truncated coordinates to 5 fractional digits
    • The y-coordinate now shows both the feet level and the eye level
    • Removed frame rendering time history graph (bottom-left)
    • 3 new values:
      • ws: Walking speed (constant)
      • fs: Flying speed (constant)
      • g: Boolean value, true when you touch the ground
  • Updated language files
    • Added tooltips for all types of Monster Egg blocks and the End Portal Frame
    • Added more descriptive tooltips for different types of tree-related blocks, sandstone and stone bricks
    • Localized server commands
    • Added missing commands-related strings
    • Added missing double chest GUI caption
  • Fixed many bugs
    • Fixed texture packs in folders not showing their icon and description
    • Fixed Man-in-the-middle attack allowing hackers to log in as you when you visit their server
    • Fixed the Open texturepack folder button not working on OS X
  • Added Adventure mode
    • Only playable using commands
    • Building, setting things on fire and using buckets is disabled
    • Players can only interact with mobs and the environment
    • Players can place and take stuff from a chest, a furnace or a dispenser
  • Added trading
    • Using emerald as currency, villagers will, depending on profession, offer different trades to players
    • There are three kinds of trades: Selling, buying and enchanting
    • As displayed in the top-most part of the trading GUI, villagers take one or more items or item stacks and give back something
    • After trading, villagers will sometimes emit purple particles for a few seconds to indicate that their trades changed
    • Otherwise unobtainable bottles o' enchanting and chainmail armor can be obtained by trading
  • Improved Creative mode inventory
    • There are categorized tabs for various groups of items and blocks
    • Added a search tab which will automatically be switched to when the chat key is hit
    • Added survival inventory tab, which shows the full inventory, a  'Destroy item' slot, armor slots including a preview of your character  and a 2x2 crafting field
    • Items can now be deleted from the inventory by shift-clicking them
    • Added layered snow block, Monster Egg Blocks (Silverfish spawning blocks), Ender Portal frame and all potions
    • Now shows potion effects' timers like in Survival
  • Improved experience collection
    • Depending on ore type, experience now drops from ores that drop items
    • Taking smelted items out of furnaces gives experience now
    • Destroying mob spawners gives experience now
    • Adjusted experience level progression:
      • Levels 1-15 cost 17 XP points each
      • Levels 16-30 cost 3 more XP points than the previous (cost = 17 + (level - 15) * 3)
      • Levels 31-∞ cost 7 more XP points than the previous (cost = 62 + (level - 30) * 7)
  • Improved enchanting
    • The new maximum level with bookshelves is 30, without 8
    • 15 bookshelves are enough to reach level 30
    • The 3rd slot shows the most expensive possible enchantment more often
    • Increased chances for multiple enchantments at once
    • Adjusted enchantments' to go with the new maximum level
  • Added writing in books
    • New crafting recipe for books: 3 pieces of paper and one piece of leather in any possible shape
    • New item: Book and Quill - Crafting recipe: 1 ink sac, 1 feather and 1 book in any possible shape
    • Right-click to write on & edit up to 50 pages or read
    • Click 'Done' to save the book, 'Sign' to choose a title and finalize the book
  • Improved Multiplayer
    • Made entities less likely to glitch through blocks
    • Added automagical downloading of standard sized texture packs when joining servers
    • Made server commands more descriptive
    • Added reason parameter to /ban
    • Added /seed command to show the map seed
    • Added /defaultgamemode command to choose the gamemode new players start in
    • Added /debug command to enable and disable profiling
    • /kick messages can now contain "\n" to force a new line
    • Blocks other players are mining now show cracks
    • /tp can now be used to teleport to specific coordinates
    • Made server list re-orderable: shift+click or shift+arrow keys move selected servers
    • Server list now scans for LAN servers
    • Added hardcore difficulty: Players are banned upon death
    • Added SRV Record Lookup support
      • Different subdomains of one domain can handle different servers via different port numbers.
      • Service name should be "minecraft"; i.e. ""
  • Added & changed many minor things
    • Individual, stackable items near each other on the ground now become one item stack
    • Added shift clicking support to armor slots, brewing stands & enchantment tables
    • Added setting to disable servers offering you texture packs
    • Made the stars smaller and brighter
    • Villagers spawned from spawn eggs will get a random profession now
    • Removed the downwards knockback while drowning
    • Doors being broken by zombies now show their damage
    • You now spawn with an empty inventory in Creative mode
    • The "Mojang" splash screen when opening the game appears for 1 instead of 3 seconds now
    • The sky color in the End changed
    • Blocks now show cracks when destroying them while the GUI is hidden
    • You can now fall 4 blocks without getting hurt (might be a bug  as there exist other, higher distances that don't cause damage either)
    • Respawning in superflat is no longer random.
  • Improved the Pick Block key
    • You now get the actual block
    • You can now pick paintings, boats, minecarts and mobs, which will give you their spawn eggs
    • Picking huge mushroom blocks now gives mushrooms
    • You can no longer pick portal blocks
  • Fixed many bugs
    • Fixed liquids slowing down flying players
    • Fixed blocks with the same id but different data/damage values stacking in Creative inventory
    • Fixed boats & minecarts not being one-hit breakable in Creative
    • Fixed raw fish, dyes, saddles, potions, milk buckets and tools depleting in Creative
    • Fixed water destroying non-solid blocks when breaking them from above
    • Fixed Silk touch giving you only one slab from double slabs
    • Fixed redstone updates not propagating through unloaded chunks
    • Fixed repeaters getting stuck when loading their chunk
    • Fixed tools taking damage when breaking insta-breakable blocks
    • Fixed a few misalignments in the item sprite sheet
    • Fixed the arrow representing players on held maps being offset
    • Fixed being able to duplicate sand, gravel and powered rail
    • Fixed placing a piston in front of another powered, but not  extended one resulting in a glitched piston with the head's texture on  all sides
    • Fixed TNT dropping as a resource on creative mode
    • Fixed powering specifically glitched pistons crashing the game
    • Fixed the End Portal Frame block not showing as a block in the inventory
    • Fixed weather not working correctly in certain biomes
    • Fixed Overworld portals above Y=127 not being recognized when leaving the Nether
    • Fixed various hacked mob spawners crashing the game
    • Fixed thrown splash potions not preserving their type when reloading the world
  • Fixed many Multiplayer-specific bugs
    • Fixed arrows scooting up to the top of the block they were shot on
    • Fixed endermen not opening their jaws
    • Fixed fully charged arrows not showing their particle effect
    • Fixed many sounds not playing
    • Fixed magma cubes' and slimes' jumping animations not showing
    • Fixed thunderstorms not darkening the sky
    • Fixed weather not fading in or out
    • Fixed enchanted armor and tools not glowing to other players
    • Fixed explosions not pushing players back
    • Fixed TNT not knocking back players
    • Fixed pistons not pushing back players
    • Fixed players on minecarts, boats or pigs and spider jockeys not being displayed in the correct location
    • Fixed glitchy mob prediction
    • Fixed fishing lines not showing
    • Fixed sneaking players' nameplates not staying hidden when loading the chunks they are in
    • Fixed Unbreaking-enchanted tools sometimes breaking and then re-appearing a few times
    • Fixed potion effects losing their graphical effects when traveling between dimensions
    • Fixed blocks disappearing when placing them under yourself and jumping
World Generation
  • Made sub-biome type mountains like Desert Hills or Ice Mountains taller
  • Made cocoa beans appear on some small jungle trees
  • Added optional starting chest on non-hardcore worlds
    • Contents: wooden & stone tools, bread, apples, logs, planks and sticks
  • Added large biomes world type, increasing biome sizes immensely
    • Beaches look closely to what they looked like in Beta 1.7.3
  • Added desert-specific villages
  • Added Desert Temples
    • Built out of various kinds of sandstone and wool
    • Include hidden chest room and TNT trap, with loot including rotten flesh, bones, iron ingots and gold ingots, diamonds and emeralds
  • Added Jungle Temples
    • Built out of various kinds of cobblestone
    • Contain multiple tripwire traps triggering dispensers filled with arrows
    • Loot chests include bones, rotten flesh, gold ingots, iron ingots, diamonds and emeralds
  • Added Emerald Ore
    • Only generates in Extreme Hills biomes
    • Occurs up to 8 times per chunk in veins of 1
    • Generates between layers 4 and 31, inclusive
Blocks & Items
  • Emerald Ore
    • Drops Emerald
  • Emerald
    • Is used to trade with villagers
  • Block of Emerald
    • Crafted by putting 9 emeralds on a crafting table
  • Ender Chest
    • Crafted by surrounding an eye of ender with 8 pieces of obsidian
    • Stores each player's contents across dimensions and all Ender Chests
    • Contents are preserved even if all Ender Chests are destroyed
    • Explosion-resistant
    • Emits light and purple particles
    • Unless mined using a Silk Touch-enchanted pickaxe, they drop 8 obsidian
  • Tripwire Hook
    • String in between needs to be placed manually
    • Breaking the string triggers a redstone signal, cutting it using shears doesn't
    • Entities like boats, mobs, arrows or players touching the string trigger a redstone signal
    • String can be up to 40 blocks long
    • Crafting recipe: Iron ingot on top of a stick on top of a wooden plank
  • String
    • Can now be placed on the ground decoratively
  • Wooden logs
    • Can now be placed in 3 different directions
    • Placement works like similar to piston placement
  • Furnaces
    • Can be fueled by wooden tools now
    • Return an empty bucket when using lava buckets as fuel now
  • Ice
    • Instead of melting in the nether, it now disappears
    • Can be obtained using Silk Touch-enchanted gear now
  • Glass Panes
    • Can be obtained using Silk Touch-enchanted gear now
  • Nether portal
    • Leaks into the Overworld now: Depending on difficulty, zombie pigmen rarely spawn in them
  • Slabs
    • Added all wood types
    • Wooden slabs crafted after the update act like wood
  • Stairs
    • Added Sandstone Stairs
    • Added wooden stairs for all kinds of wood
    • Adjusted hitbox
  • Slabs and Stairs
    • Will now be placed upside-down when placed on the upper half of a block's side
    • When placed upside down, rails, pressure plates, levers,  doors, torches, redstone torches, repeaters, redstone dust and beds can  be placed on them - Redstone dust behaves like on glowstone - It  transmits power horizontally and upwards, but not downwards. Redstone  torches don't power redstone placed on slabs/stairs above them.
  • Leaves
    • Water slowly drips through them when it's raining
  • Cauldrons
    • Slowly fill up when it's raining
  • Dispensers
    • Minecarts & boats will now be placed if there's rails/water in place
    • Instead of dispensing buckets, dispensers will now suck in or place water or lava in front of them
  • Gravel
    • Changed texture
  • Jungle leaves
    • Have a 1/200 chance to drop a cocoa bean when destroyed now
  • Lever
    • Can be placed on the ceiling now
  • Wooden pressure plates
    • Are triggered by arrows now
  • Pistons
    • Now take 0.05 seconds to expand
  • TNT
    • Depending on difficulty, does different amounts of damage now:
      • Peaceful: no damage
      • Easy: ~50% less damage
      • Normal: same damage as before
      • Hard: 33.3…% more damage
  • Cocoa beans
    • Retextured item
    • Can be planted & grown on jungle wood now
    • Can be grown instantly using bone meal
  • Cookies
    • Give a full hunger point now
  • Nether Warts
    • Can now be grown in the Overworld and in the End
  • Book
    • Changed crafting recipe: 3 pieces of paper and one piece of leather in any possible shape
  • Book and Quill
    • Crafting recipe: 1 ink sac, 1 feather and 1 book in any possible shape
    • See above for more information
  • Written Book
    • Can only be obtained by signing a Book and Quill
    • Can be sold to villagers
  • Empty buckets
    • Stack up to 16 now
    • Stacked buckets work just like stacked glass bottles do
  • Signs
    • Stack up to 16 now
    • Crafting now gives 3 signs instead of 1
  • Golden Apple
    • Has two crafting recipes now, the new one replacing gold nuggets with gold blocks
    • Second tier gives Regeneration IV, Resistance and Fire resistance effects
    • Only second tier glows like enchanted tools
    • Has attributes the Golden Apple had before 1.1
  • Spawners
    • Added NBT tags to further customize spawned mobs
    • Only changeable using map editors or mods
  • Boats
    • Are not broken by lilypads anymore, instead they run straight through the lilypad now, breaking and sometimes dropping it
    • Are less glitchy and more responsive now
    • Increased maximum speed
    • When exiting, players will be moved from the boat
    • When broken by a player, they drop a boat now
  • Minecarts
    • When on rails, they can be accelerated a bit while sitting in them
    • When exiting, players will be moved from the minecart
  • Pigs
    • Drop 1-3 meat now
  • Slimes
    • Reduced spawn rate in superflat maps
  • Silverfish
    • When suffering from poison potions, they will now spawn more silverfish from nearby silverfish blocks more often
  • Creepers
    • Increased knockback effect
    • Depending on difficulty, they do more damage now:
      • Easy: ~50% less damage
      • Normal: same damage as before
      • Hard: 33.3…% more damage
  • Creepers & Spiders
    • Become aggressive towards the last mob or player that hit them now
  • Skeletons, Creepers & Zombies
    • Become neutral against players again a few seconds after being hit in Creative
Happy mining,
UA Staff

Computers and Electronics / NICT Daedalus Cyber Attack Alert System
« on: June 23, 2012, 06:38:31 PM »
I saw this today and felt like its the 90's all over again, but this time it's real. Leave it to the Japanese to make something like this. With this software you can monitor your networks for cyber attacks.


First thing I thought was Ghost in a Shell when watching this. Some even think about the movie Hackers, I can see why, but what do you guys think.

[TF2] UA MarioKart 24-7 / Mic Spamming issue discussion.
« on: June 22, 2012, 01:56:44 PM »
This thread is not to rage on how you or someone else has been mic spamming or muted. I don't want to see walls of text about anything I want to see a civilized discussion on the matter.

Now I know people can mute you client side, but at times it's not enough since you won't be able to talk over them since most of the time you wont even know that they are spamming.

I also understand that people can lag because of the mic spam as well, some people have it worse then others. Now if an admin sees that it mean that it could be a problem for others. Assassin and I wouldn't notice this since we has a ton of bandwidth, but other with ADSL, DSL, or cable will notice it a lot since they won't have the bandwidth to support the game and the audio streams. Personally I would rather have some type of Shoutcast stream for the server that people can control on their client to avoid this problem all together.

Another thing I think we should look into is what's spammed on the mic. I know not everyone will be happy with what is spammed by one person, but maybe we can get to some middle ground on what should be spammed.

This is not a discussion on who can and can't mic spam since it is a whole nother matter.

(If anyone has something relevant to the discussion that was said in one of the other threads by all means quote it here.)

Announcements / UA Hunger Game results
« on: May 07, 2012, 02:43:12 PM »
First 2 rounds were won by xxDeloxx while the last round was won by RockCambo.

You guys win a one way ticket to The End in the RPG server to kill the dragon and claim the egg.

They have also received invites to the Firefall Beta.

Congratulations to our winners.

The next Hunger Games will be announced at a later date, most likely it will be at the beginning of next month.

UA Staff

Announcements / RPG server updates and fixes.
« on: April 28, 2012, 12:55:41 AM »
I have updated the renderings for the world maps with our DokuCraft pack as well as the Day/Night cycle. Now with that said I've removed The End from the maps since the End is no longer a valid place to build since once a month it will be deleted so others can get a Dragon Egg. I will be Building a Museum in central for the people that get an egg each time, this means that the same group of people can't get a new egg for 3 Months. Now the last thing you will notice about the world maps is that the cave views are no longer there, since then can be used to find peoples hidden rooms.

I've fixed the problem with sheep not regrowing wool. Now this does come with a drawback since I've had to disable block protection on Endermen, so if there is a block missing on your house you know why.

On a final note the UA Hunger Games will be held next Saturday at 8pm EDT. I will post a port for you to join an hour before the event. Now if you would like to record the event please pm me your MC name so I can give you special rights to record the players easier. Now this doesn't mean players in the games can't record the game from their view. If you do make a recording please make it available to the editor of the video, speaking of which I need someone to take care of editing the video before we can upload it to the clan's channel.

Happy Mining
UA Staff

Announcements / Minecraft Servers have been updated.
« on: April 14, 2012, 03:30:38 AM »
I have just finished updated the last of the plugins needed to keep the servers going. What does this mean for you as a player, you'll have all your commands back that's right you can do /home, /spawn, /warp again.

In the RPG server you can lock your brewing stands so that people don't steal your potions while your away, as well as iron blocks, enchanntment tables, jukeboxes. When you die you don't loose your experience or level anymore, so don't worry when you die with a high level. The log gravity is back so don't worry about climbing into the large jungle trees to cut them down. If you haven't already checkout the mcMMO wiki for updated information you can find it at:

If you haven't noticed yet the servers don't need Spoutcraft anymore.

The new UA DokuCraft pack is avalable for 1.2.

UA Staff

General Discussion / Happy Birthday Trinity
« on: April 12, 2012, 04:38:49 PM »
I just wanted to wish Trinity a Happy Birthday.

I hope you got something nice today form your daughter.

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